Working Groups



Corresponding to the respective research priorities, the particular research projects are assigned to one of the following workgroups which are represented by one scientist each. That way, an exchange of experiences is made possible and promoted throughout the whole project duration and afterwards. Prof. Reese has agreed to head the workgroup “simulation”. Prof. Volk will assume the coordination of the workgroup “form- and force-closed joints”. The workgroup “metallurgical joints” will be led by prof. Groche.


Working Group A | Metallurgical joint

Head | Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. Peter Groche, PtU, Darmstadt

A1 Magnetic pulse welding: Targeted manipulation of weld seam formation go to project A1
A2 Realization of Al/high-strength steel-joints by ultrasound enhanced friction stir welding – Process and robustness, mechanical properties using destructive and innovative non-destructive test methods, microstructure, corrosion and joining zone-integrated corrosion protection go to project A2
A3 Investigation and enhancement on bonding by cold bulk metal forming processes go to project A3
A4 Electrochemically-assisted joining of sheet metal go to project A4
A5 Investigation of the formation mechanisms of the bonding zone in collision welding
go to project A5
A6 Mechanisms in Joining of Dissimilar Materials using Friction Stir Welding go to project A6
A7 Roll bonding materials with different yield strengths – An analysis of the joining mechanism and modeling new manufacturing procedures go to project A7
A8 Collision joining, flat clinching, plastic deformation, microstructural evolution, dynamic materials testing, strength and integrity of interfacial regions go to project A8
A9 Studies on the reproducibility of the Magnetic Pulse Welding in the case of an asymmetric impact go to project A9

Working Group B | Form-closed joint & Force-closed joint

Head | Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfram Volk, utg, München

B2 Finite element analyses and simulation of the failure of short-fiber reinforced thermoplastics and aluminium blanks by clinching go to project B2
B5 Mechanical joining of dissimilar materials by shear clinching processes without pre-punching (shear clinching) go to project B5
B6 Joining by high speed forming by laser induced shock waves go to project B6
B7 Property optimization of rotationally joined clinch points go to project B7

Working Group C | Simulation

Head | Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefanie Reese, ifam, Aachen

C1 Finite element analyses and simulation of the failure of short-fiber reinforced thermoplastics and aluminium blanks by clinching go to project C1
C2 Simulationsgestützte Entwicklung und Qualifizierung eines neuartigen Thermoclinch- Fügeverfahrens für Mischbauweisen mit textilverstärkten Thermoplastverbunden
go to project C2
C3 Multiscale modelling of joining processes under the consideration of the chemo-thermo-mechanical behavior of the boundary interface go to project C3

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