Working Group B | Form-closed joint & Force-closed joint


Joining by high speed forming by laser induced shock waves

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank Vollertsen, BIAS Bremen



Die diameter: 4 mm, laser pulse energy: 5.6 J, number of pulses: 50, material combination: 1.4301(s0 = 100 µm)/Al99.5(s0 = 50 µm)
Die diameter: 4 mm, laser pulse energy: 5.6 J, number of pulses: 50, material combination: 1.4301(s0 = 100 µm)/Al99.5(s0 = 50 µm)

The need to implement more functionality on the same space drives miniaturization and makes hybrid joints under various conditions also in the micro range necessary. Existing solutions often have restrictions due to the principle of joining.

Therefore this project aims for clarification of open questions which exist regarding joining of copper or aluminum to glas, thermoplastic polymer and copper. To realize this, a plastic forming process based on laser induced shockwaves, which can be named Micro-IHU, will be used. With this sheet-sheet, sheet-pipe and pipe-pipe connecting could be realized. This process offers a chance to overcome the problem of low formability when Tiffany structured base material is used as these do not appear to be so severe for high forming speed. Exploiting of this effect makes an investigation of its cause mandatory. Working assumption is a decrease in orientation related differences of yield stress at high forming speed, resulting in a more homogenous forming. This leads to less local failure of single grains, resulting in a higher formability of the foil as a whole. The advantages of this process shall be applied to the different material combinations.



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